Venus Body Lift Kit


Cellulite reduction & firming cream with lymphatic stimulator.

The Venus Skin™ Body Lift Kit, which includes the firming cream and lymphatic stimulator, is specifically designed for daily use at home to help manage the appearance of cellulite and skin laxity. The advanced formula contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that address the contributing factors that cause dimpled and sagging skin.

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The Venus Skin™ Body Lift Kit is designed to be used once a day in the morning or evening. The lymphatic stimulator should ideally be done in the shower or bath, while the cream should be applied afterward on dry skin.


Step 1: Start by using the lymphatic stimulator on wet skin. Massage the area by applying gentle but firm pressure while moving the stimulator in small circular motions around for about 2-3 minutes.

Step 2: Once your skin is completely dry, apply a thin layer of the Body Lift cream, using your fingertips to gentle massage it into the area. Because the cream contains a moisture component, it should not be rinsed off.