Growth Factor Therapy


Growth Factor Therapy is a non-surgical, natural treatment that uses the platelets from your own blood to promote skin regeneration and stimulate the body’s healing abilities.

These activated platelets secrete and release at least 7 different growth factors that enhance the natural healing process of the skin.

During a Growth Factor Therapy  treatment, a small amount of your blood is drawn into a sterile tube in the exact same manner as a standard blood test. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge and spun to separate the plasma and platelets from the other blood components.

After a few minutes, the Growth Factor Therapy layer is removed and is ready to be reintroduced into the body. Using a very fine sterile needle, your medical practitioner will inject the Growth Factor Therapy in and around the specific area to be treated.

The production of new collagen induced by the Growth Factor Therapy treatment will brighten, rejuvenate and rehydrate the skin even after the first treatment. To experience the full effects of this pioneering technique, a series of treatments is usually recommended.

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How many treatments and how often is Growth Factor Therapy needed?

While individual responses to treatment will vary, most people will require 3 to 4 sessions, each spaced approximately 4 to 6 weeks apart. Your practitioner will determine the optimal number of treatments and your treatment protocol according to your specific skin condition.

What results can I expect from Growth Factor Therapy treatments?

Improvement in skin texture and tone is noticeable within 3 weeks. Full collagen and tissue regeneration can take up to 3 months.
Fine Lines and Skin Quality

Growth Factor Therapy injections promote the process of natural tissue regeneration which naturally slows down as we age. Growth Factor Therapy improves skin quality and reduces fine lines.

Dark Circles

The eye area has very delicate skin that can appear bluish due to microcirculation. Growth Factor Therapy injections stimulate circulation around the eye and, as a result, the under eye darkness will improve.

Deep Wrinkles

Growth Factor Therapy can be combined with HA dermal fillers to restore youthful proportions to the volumes of the face. Areas include nasolabial folds, cheeks and jaws, periorbital area, crow’s feet, upper lip, nose and forehead.


Growth Factor Therapy injections can greatly improve surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks.


  • Growth Factor Therapy is prepared by drawing 30 to 60 ml of your own blood from your arm
  • The blood is then placed in a centrifuge which spins and separates the platelets from the rest of the blood components
  • 3 to 6 ml of Growth Factor Therapy will then be extracted
  • The concentrated and growth hormone-rich platelets are injected into the skin via micro injections
  • Growth Factor Therapy treatment will commonly last between 30 and 60 minutes

Before your Growth Factor Therapy treatment you will be invited to an initial consultation to:

  • Discuss your circumstances
  • Undergo an examination of your skin, along with a medical history check
  • Receive a health evaluation to work with you to develop a treatment plan
  • Have an opportunity to ask advice and pose questions
  • Discuss options that are available to you, including costs and timelines
  • Learn more about Growth Factor Therapy
  • Ask about risks, benefits and alternatives to Growth Factor Therapy
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